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Where do you start when you want a holiday that goes way beyond booking a hotel? You know you want something exceptional, the kind of experience that lives with you forever, but how do you make it happen? We recommend the services of an expert who really has your best interests in mind and will make your vacation truly memorable.

Way beyond a holiday – with discounts and perks

Maybe a special anniversary is coming up, or it鈥檚 a significant birthday for someone you care deeply about and you would absolutely love to create a trip that is luxury all the way: first-class travel, sumptuous accommodation, a series of incredible adventures and a dedicated chauffeur to drive you from one fabulous experience to the next.

Perhaps you鈥檙e trying to organise a honeymoon in an exotic destination or a month-long itinerary of events in a foreign country, but you can barely navigate the websites, let alone choose the best options. It could be that you鈥檙e making complex travel plans for a large group, with various people coming from different locations, and you can鈥檛 seem to find the best way of getting everyone to where they need to be in the simplest possible way. In these situations, what starts as a happy idea can turn into a nightmare of preparation.

Imagine if you could hand over all the practical logistics to someone with years of experience. And who can offer exclusive discounts and perks that aren’t open to all. And all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the holiday鈥

Truly special travel

Duncan Greenfield-Turk describes himself as a private travel designer, and he has spent over 25 years putting together one-of-a-kind travel experiences across the world.

鈥淥ne of my favourite moments in any project is the initial discussion,鈥 says Duncan, 鈥渨hen you tell me about your first thoughts – where in the world you might want to go, how you鈥檇 like to get there, and whether you鈥檙e looking for all the iconic landmarks and photogenic highlights or a complete retreat in a secret hideaway. I get a sense of the type of trip you鈥檙e after and how you want the whole thing to feel. Ideas pop into my head immediately, and I鈥檓 mentally planning possible routes, thinking about how the trip might evolve, sensing that you鈥檇 love this particular hotel or we could get you a sunset outing here, a guided tour to that exclusive location there. It鈥檚 really where the fun starts, in the preparation.鈥

Duncan鈥檚 company, Global Travel Moments, can take a holiday idea and transform it into an unforgettable trip. It鈥檚 a completely tailored service, so every detail comes from discussions with the client, asking the right questions to pinpoint exactly what鈥檚 required and how to create the perfect travel experience.

The quality of a truly special holiday isn鈥檛 always about throwing money at it: travel experts like Duncan have so many professional contacts that he can get you access into places you simply could get to yourself. And, by knowing what questions to ask, he can find the travel options and accommodation that will be a perfect fit for your personality, budget and preferences. It鈥檚 a skill that takes years to develop.

By handing over the logistics to an expert, the planning stage becomes pure fun and excitement, leaving you to enjoy the bubbling anticipation of your upcoming trip.

So, where鈥檚 the ideal location?

鈥淚f France is your destination, you already have some great options to choose from,鈥 says Duncan. 鈥淧aris is obviously top of the list for most travellers because of all those iconic places to visit, but by working with me, you can get private access to certain sites, or behind-the-scenes experiences that are never publicised. You have to be 鈥榠n the know鈥 to find out that special options even exist, that鈥檚 part of the joy of what we do, being able to offer you an experience that you鈥檝e never even heard about but will certainly never forget.

鈥淔rance has so much more to offer beyond Paris,鈥 adds Duncan. 鈥淵ou could head to the middle of the countryside with your entire family and take over a fairy-tale ch芒teau complete with swimming pool, snooker table, tennis courts and library, and recreate your own version of Downton Abbey. How about flying first-class into France and hiring a 2CV so you can stay over in a different hotel every night while you take a leisurely tour of the Loire Valley vineyards, along with an exclusive guided visit of the cellars in famous wine producing houses? Maybe you鈥檇 like to add a ride in a hot air balloon? Or some cordon bleu cookery tuition and a private dining experience just for you and your loved ones, catered by a Michelin-starred chef?

鈥淗eading further south, we could design a stay in the Riviera in a luxury, oceanfront hotel complete with private spa facilities and a daily massage, for example. Maybe you鈥檇 like to include a cruise in a top-of-the-range yacht or hire a chauffeur to drive the coast roads to the casinos of Monaco, and why not drive a Porsche or Maserati for a couple of days? We can get you opulence and luxury all the way, from start to finish. You can live the complete millionaire lifestyle for a couple of weeks and really indulge in whatever you鈥檝e always wanted to do.鈥

Exclusive, yet full access

While Global Travel Moments specialises in unique and often exclusive travel experiences, their ethos is all about full accessibility. Duncan and his team believe that everyone deserves the same opportunity to experience the world and enjoy moments that truly matter, regardless of their sexuality, gender expression or physical ability.

鈥淭ravel really does broaden the mind and there should be no barriers to that experience,鈥 says Duncan. 鈥淎s far as anyone else is concerned, you鈥檝e organised everything yourself: I operate with the utmost integrity and discretion, and only my clients know that I am working on their behalf. We want you to focus on all the excitement of your holiday, so behind the scenes we鈥檙e working away on all the practical aspects, the safety and security points, and keeping an eye on any last-minute changes we might need to make so you don鈥檛 even have to think about it. Your only preoccupation should be gleeful anticipation!鈥

I鈥檝e always wanted to鈥hat?

If all of this has set your mind racing about the possibilities, why not talk it through? What would you include in a one-of-a-kind adventure, if only someone else could make it happen? Duncan offers a complimentary initial consultation so you can talk through your ideas and even discover a few more that you never even knew were possible.

This is where travel gets really exciting鈥.

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